About Me

Whatever your reasons for skip tracing, I am your private investigator for the job. With well over 20 years of experience, the one thing I can assure you of is that I have handled just about every type of skip tracing assignment out there.

My clients include a fair mix of civilians, corporate establishments as well as law enforcement personnel. And as you may have guessed, although all of them had me tracking individuals, their information-requirement could not be more different. For example I have:

  • Found case related information for lawyers and legal offices, pertaining to both criminal and civil matters. I have:
  • Helped civilians trace distant relatives, friends, past love interests and school mates.
  • Helped individuals to track their family medical history.
  • Worked with genealogy researchers to help their clients trace their genetic roots.
  • Assisted law enforcement officers and bail agents to track people on the run from the law.
  • Taken assignments that involved tracking deadbeat parents and spouses.
  • Gathered information on prospective business partners and employees for companies

My work has seen me collaborating with law enforcement agencies in Texas and Florida, including the Denton County Sheriff’s Department. Moreover, I regularly handle skip tracing assignments for:

  • Arizona’s The Locators Ltd.
  • The Nationwide Unclaimed Persons Network.
  • Florida’s Cushing Forensic Genealogy.
  • Canadian International Genealogy Research.

All the work that I do for the Unclaimed Person’s Network is pro bono. This non-profit helps to locate the next of kin of decedents who have passed away without leaving the contact details of their relatives, friends and/or family. I trace such families, so that the deceased can have the last rites they deserve and loved ones can find a sense of closure.

The information that I find for my clients comes from databases hosted by state and federal and government agencies and also by private entities. Because I subscribe to several such repositories including the TLO, the details I provide are not just accurate but also up-to-date. Get in touch with me if you have any of these investigative requirements:

  • Tracing the ownership of a business, property or vehicle.
  • Tracking heirs, next of kin, ex-spouses.
  • Getting information on family members, including ancestors going back several generations.
  • Accessing medical history of your family.
  • Tracking biological children, parents, siblings.
  • Gathering criminal history data of an acquaintance or friend.
  • Getting information on the criminal and civil cases that a person is involved in.
  • Trace wanted persons.

Simply put, if information is what you need, you are in the right place. Just give me a call and we can discuss your requirements. Once I understand what you need and your reasons for the investigation, it will only be a matter of days before you have a complete report on your subject in your hands.

I pride myself in both the speed and the quality of my work. I truly believe that in order to be useful, right information has to be delivered at the right time. And that is exactly what you will get when you hand over your case to me. So, call me right now on 123-4567, and we can get this show on the road.

Thank you for reading this. As a token of my appreciation, here is a free report on “How to find Public Records”.