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We are happy to have you’re here with us on our website and want you to use and enjoy the content on the site and the services we offer. We also want to clarify that by using/visiting our website, you are offering your consent and agreement to the clauses of this document. These are the terms and conditions of service of this website.

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Usage rights

You have the right to use this website and its services only if you are 18 years of age or older. Also, you agree to not use the services and content on this website for illegal acts. At all times, while you are using/visiting this website, you agree to comply with the terms and conditions of this website.



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Any information received by us, this includes comments, information, email data, supplied by you but not solicited by us, will be ours to use as we deem appropriate. By sending us such information, you give us the royalty-free and non-exclusive license to publish, reproduce, modify, adapt and distribute the information supplied through such correspondence.


Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) Notice

If you find any content or information on this website that you believe is in violation of the rights of trademark and/or copyright of another person/entity, do provide information on the alleged copyrighted or trademark content, such as:

  • The description of the allegedly copyrighted content/material.
  • The electronic signature of the owner of the allegedly copyrighted/trademarked material/content.
  • The location/webpage on our site where you found this content.
  • Contact details of the copyright owner, including the full name, email-address and telephone number.
  • A statement claiming ownership of the material and asserting that the claim is true and accurate, prepared under penalty of perjury.


Accuracy of Information

Our editorial team follows a meticulous process to ensure the accuracy of all the content and facts provided on the site. However, we do not claim responsibility towards any damage or losses that may arise from your reliance upon the information on this site.

All content on the website is offered “as-is” and is for the purpose of information only. As such it can be out-of-date and can contain inaccuracies and errors. Said content is not in any form or manner intended to be legal advice or to be used in lieu of it.

We do not assume any warranties/guaranties pertaining to the use of the information provided on the website. Hence, its use, as elaborated in this document, is at your discretion and risk.


Our affiliate and partner sites

Our site will redirect you to third-party websites when you click on links of service providers and ad banners. The products and services offered on and through these third-party sites are subject to their own terms and conditions.

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Hence, we are not liable for any damages/losses that may occur due to the use of the content or services of these third-party sites. We encourage you to carefully review the terms and conditions along with the privacy policy of every website that you are redirected to through our site.



When using and visiting our site, your agree to indemnify us against any losses or claims that may arise from the use of the content and/or services of this site, from the use of the content and/or services of affiliate/partner sites and from the violation of the terms of service of this website and that of affiliate sites.

The above-implied consent to indemnity also applies to our partners, service providers and advertisers, the content of their sites and the services that they offer.


Disclaimer of Warranties

All information on this site is offered without due perusal. So, the data is provided as-is and as-available with any inaccuracies, faults and errors that it may contain. This website does not claim any warranties towards the accuracy, timeliness, completeness and correctness of the data.

Also, we do not assume any responsibility, whether implied, expressed or disclaimed towards the fitness of this data. We also disclaim any implied warranties of merchantability. This website, its owners, its affiliates and partners cannot be held accountable for any damages, losses, legal ramifications (civil or criminal) that users may incur as a result of the mistakes, limitations and bugs contained in the data.

We and our partners cannot be held liable for any damages, whether direct, indirect, consequential or incidental that may include but are not limited to corporate losses or personal losses, that the user may incur, whether such losses are linked to warranty breaches, contract breaches, product liability, TORT, negligence liability or others.

The implied indemnity set forth here shall be the very basis of the transaction between our users and us and the basis on which our services (including the content and information on this site) are offered to our clients. This site cannot be used in any form or manner unless our users clearly and expressly agree to indemnify us in the manner and for the possible litigation risks set forth in this document.

The information received from us via any channel of communication or the information obtained from this website in any manner or form does not/will not constitute, implied or expressed warranty, guarantee or representation of these, unless otherwise and specifically stated in this document.

The users are also wholly and exclusively responsible for any losses and damages caused by any malware contained in the electronic files accessed/downloaded from the site or provided by this website. We encourage you to use due diligence when accessing and opening all electronic media/files. Furthermore, we disclaim any liability towards or resulting from such losses.


Limits of Liability

You are exclusively liable for any losses that may result from the use of this site, its content and services as well as such offerings from our partners and affiliates. The owners of this website and their partners/affiliates are in no manner/sense/way responsible for such losses/damages.


Privacy Policies

The privacy policy of this website is a part of the Terms of Service of the site. You can read it here.


Changes to Our Terms of Service Policies

We reserve the right to change this document in part or whole at any time, without notice to our users. All such changes will be posted on this page, but notification for the same may not be issued. So, we strongly urge all our users to review this page every time before visiting/using our site.


Disclosure as per the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Act.

When our users click on ad banners and links of service providers, affiliates and advertisers,   we receive compensation. Also, the site receives commission for referrals and recommendations offered as search forms and links on this site.


Your Consent to the terms of Service

By visiting and/or using this site, you accept that you have read the terms and conditions stated in this document and that you consent to all of them.


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