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The “no-pain” approach to accessing an arrest report and doing a warrant check in Codington County, SD!

The best part of looking for information pertaining to warrants and arrests in Codington County is that a ton of data is available online, and it is offered for free. So, the warrant list for the area along with the arrest log can easily be used to determine the recent criminal involvements of a subject, if any. Further ahead in this article, you will learn how to access these arrest records as well as other criminal records that are freely available…

How do you find details on Codington County arrests?

This one is possibly the easiest because all you have to do is visit the website of the sheriff’s office. Not only do they offer details on recent arrests in Codington but they also provide the arrest mug shots of all individuals who were taken into custody, not just in the last 24 hours or even the last 5 days, but the last 6 months.

So, even if you only have the first or the last name of your subject, but can recognize him, you will still get the data you need. This facility is available at  and it is a name based search.

In contrast, what you are getting in the name of arrests records is a list of the current inmates, supplied in PDF format. The information in the file includes the full name of the detainee, his age, the charges against this person, and the bond amount.

The file at  is updated every day, however they don’t offer any information on the booking date. So, there is no way to tell who was arrested recently and who has been cooling his heels in prison for a while. Both these pages can be accessed through the homepage of the sheriff’s website at

Where should you go for a warrant search in Codington County, SD?

The warrant list for Codington County is available at The file has details even on those arrest warrants that are a good 15 plus years old. Basically, you get access to their complete warrant database, and the file is updated every day. So, you get the most current warrants information.

However, this is not a search tool, so you cannot initiate a warrant inquiry with the name of your subject or even the criminal court docket number. In terms of details, the list provides the full name of the alleged perpetrators, the charges filed against them, date of warrant issue and bond amount if applicable. If you need to contact the Sheriff’s Office for any reason, you can go to 14 1st Ave SE, Watertown, SD 57201.

How do you contact state agencies for an arrest report or details about warrants from Condington County over the phone? (Updated-2021)        

  • To know about recent arrests: Call the Codington Detention Center at 605-882-6284.
  • To access arrest records: Get in touch with the Sheriff’s Department at 605-882-6280.
  • To learn about victim’s rights and services: Call the Codington County Attorney’s Office at 605-882-6276.
  • To know more about accessing criminal court records: Contact the Clerk’s Office at 605-882-5095.

Crime statistics of Codington County

In 2019, around 25 crimes were reported in Codington County. Of these, nearly 16 were property crimes and around 9 were violent crimes.

Property crimes included nearly 12 larceny-theft cases and over 1 burglary complaints, among others. The violent crime total included 9 instances of aggravated assault.

Older crime statistics

Crime stats for Codington, South Dakota

As compared to the other counties of SD, Codington has a notably higher crime rate with a ranking of 15.1 for violent crimes and 24.7 for property crimes. In 2017, over 400 criminal complaints were filed with the Sheriff’s Office and more than 220 arrests were made in connection with these. The majority of arrests were linked to drug/narcotic violations, while assaults accounted for the maximum number of violent crime related arrests.